Get the skills

What skills?

Better and new skills. We have to get them because Covid-19 changed the world. The requirements to stay employed and in business profitably, were radically transformed.

We obtain them to stay up to standard with requirements and to survive. How? First, we identify which ones we need for our businesses and our occupations. Determine where we stand.

Then plan the improvements if necessary. If not, we plan in any case to improve and obtain new ones consistently. The new world, after Covid, will change again.

We have 49 individual posts of how we can improve ourselves. See the ALPHABETICAL POST SKILLS LIST on the menu and below.

The advice in these posts is from highly successful and happy people who stood the test of time since BC to now.

We can improve or acquire almost any skill. It is really not that difficult. Where there is a will, there is a way!

The knowledge and technology is available and at reasonable cost. We can start ensuring our futures!

Also, remember we are not alone. There are millions around the world who have the same challenge as we have to constantly improve, empower and equip ourselves.

See the ALPHABETICAL POST SKILLS LIST on the Menu to gain advice to improve skills or acquire new ones.

Best regards Christo
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