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Conquer mathematics skills

The king of science: Mathematics

You can conquer mathematics skills by doing the following:

First delete all the obsolete unjustified prejudices about mathematics.
Accept the challenges mathematics throws at us.
Mathematics can be mastered at any age, so even by you!
When you start learning mathematics you must be at peace.
Be patient with yourself because valuable skills take time to acquire.
Have an open mind and be willing to learn.
Compete with yourself because you want the skill.
Your full concentration is vital, mathematics do not share.
Set yourself SMART mathematics targets.
You build mathematics from its proofs; allow time, learn them very well.
Exercise is like anything for mastering, key to mathematics.
Your positive attitude & expectations help constructively, research confirmed.
Be persistent when you struggle. GRIT is essential. (Angela Duckworth)
Learn from a tutor, coach or teacher who is passionate about mathematics.
If you follow the above mentioned determinedly you will conquer mathematics!