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Constructive thoughts

Constructive thoughts: the skill to think positive in the current global conditions.

Here are 17 Constructive Thoughts On Life That Lead To Happiness And Success written by Alore at in 2016. They are priceless in today’s time of Covid 19’s pandemic mental challenges. They will predispose you for success and prosperity but only with goal setting, hard work and consistent skill improving.

1. Focus on positive thoughts.

Positivity should be your focus. The quote summarizes it all, “Watch your thoughts for they become words, watch your words for they become actions, watch your actions, for they become habits, watch your habits for they become your character, watch your character for it becomes your destiny.”

2. Do not blame yourself for everything.

The feeling, ‘I’ may be at fault, is often depressing. We tend to blame oneself when things don’t happen as we want. Everything has a cause, but it is not necessarily you, If you want to keep yourself happy then stop bothering what others say or do, because it is their reality not yours.

3. Never fail to express gratitude.

Someone rightly said, “it is not happy people who are thankful, it is thankful people who are happy’. expressing gratitude should be made a habit. people will never forget how you made them feel.

4. Stand up for yourself, demand respect but don’t act entitled.

There is always a choice. Either demand respect or command respect. The later is permanent in nature and is well earned Do not get anchored to the respect syndrome driven by position or status but be driven by being human.

5. Give your 100% and Ask for 100% from everyone, every time.

If you can give 100%, you have all rights to demand for 100%.

Constructive thoughts

6. Be prepared for Rejections.

Rejections will only refine you. As Chris Dixon puts it, ‘ If you aren’t getting rejected on a daily basis, then your goals aren’t ambitious enough’. Getting used to being rejected will only make success worth cherishing.

7. Money serves many purposes.

Besides the freedom that money gives, it solves most of our woes. Do not take pride in saying, money doesn’t matter to you. If you cannot take care of your money, you are bound to fall in a vicious cycle of borrowing and debts. You will remain happy when your money is in order and your expenses are limited on things we value.

8. Never hesitate in negotiating.

We are often hesitant in communicating the remunerations we rightfully deserve. Remember, even a little bump in salary or fee you are able to negotiate for yourself, will only add to your future income. It will also allow you to work towards your goals with greater ease.

9. Begin saving and investing early.

Wouldn’t you prefer a more comfortable retirement, than your youth? Then please start investing early in life. Investing early makes saving money. Many suggestions on early investment come from different experts,.’ For good times ahead, you need to begin investing now.

10. One thing at a time.

When you do more than one thing at a time, you fail to do justice to either. By doing one thing at a time, you tend to enjoy the experience of doing it. Enjoy serenity and peace of nature as you walk. Relish the taste and texture of food that you eat.

11. Accept and enjoy your position.

Nothing is static, life can change for better or worse. Learn to enjoy your current situation, if you can do so, you can only make your future bright. Every aspect of life has its own charm, so live and enjoy your present.

Constructive thoughts
12. Get a regular dose of nature.

Nature answers many of your queries in its subtle ways, so find some time with nature every day. Nature has some intrinsic qualities to heal stress and replenish life with needed delight. However tight be your schedule, do not miss a chance to make your way out to the park in your vicinity.

13. Look within before searching all over.

To find a solution to your problem, begin looking for reasons within. If someone is posing troubles for you, it is always better to find out how you contribute to this problem. Once you acknowledge your role, major part of your problem gets resolved.

14. Avoid being part of gossip gang.

Someone who is cribbing about others to you can soon be talking behind your back. You tend to waste precious time for not so precious associations. Better make friends with people who help you grow, be happy and at peace.

15. Forget and Forgive.

It is sheer waste of time and energy to hold grudge against someone, who actually does not matter. It is wise to completely ignore someone who is making things difficult for you or causing pain, rather than trying to establish their faults. Else, you will deviate from your goals and will be left behind.

16. Give your 100% to every task.

There should be no room left for wondering ‘what if’. We often miss out on golden chance by not giving our best to it. By putting your best food forward, you will be assured of being judged on your true potential, rather than half baked effort. There should be no room for regretting later. You will end up satisfied that you did your best.

17. Inculcate daily habits for Lasting change in life.

If your ambitions are high and you want to transform yourself at a different level, it cannot happen in a day. Aim big, but work gradually towards it. Inculcate certain virtues as daily habit to achieve this lasting change.

You have to decide that what should begin now to get there. Start incorporating these habits into your life. Gradually these habits and hard work will take you to the heights you always aspired for.