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Use mathematics

Use mathematics for your personal finances.

There are many websites that calculate a repayment on a home loan, a car or a personal loan for you.

Do-it-yourself: Excel has formulas that will do it for you without asking you to provide personal details.

When you draw up a monthly budget, remember the following items: Housing, Groceries, Utilities ( Electricity, Water, Sanitation, Rates & Taxes, Rubble and Levies), Transport, Medical aid, Children and Debt.

Your budget can also make provision for: Leisure, Hobbies, Dining out, Social activities, Gym, Subscriptions, Vacations etc.

The most important item is to save for is your retirement and medical care. You only realize that when it is almost too late in your life.

People who do not have a monthly budget, easily fall into the trap of spending more than they earn. It is great benefit to have financial discipline.